Beachtime with Baby

It’s the summer season, a perfect time for a family vacation by the seaside, especially if you have kids eager to embark on sandy adventures. Still, knowing how to take care of your little ones, particularly babies, during a relaxing holiday on the shore is essential if you want to prevent common conditions caused by UV rays and long hours in bright sunlight. Here, we bring you top tips on how to protect you baby from common seaside problems like sunburns, heat stroke and dehydration so keep reading and make sure your child is always safe and out of harm’s way on the beach.


Sunscreen is a must
For maximum protection from harmful UV rays, pick sunscreens with SPF above 15. SPF is needed even on partly cloudy or windy days, as sunburns are caused by UV rays and not intense heat or bright sun. When shopping for sunscreen, go for broad spectrum organic sun protection products for babies as these offer all-natural formulas and safety from both UVA and UVB rays. Apply sunscreen to your baby’s skin 10-30 minutes before going out, and pay special attention to sensitive spots like ear tips, the nose, face, back of the neck, hands and feet. Also, don’t forget to apply fresh layers of sunscreen every two hours for continuous protection.

Dress your baby for the season
Another preventive measure to take before heading out to the beach, adequate clothing is an aspect you must not overlook when trying to keep your baby safe and happy. In addition to swimsuits, some lightweight loose-fitting clothing, a wide-brim hat and a pair of UV protection sunshades should definitely have their rightful place in your beach bag. The best baby clothes pick for a long day at the beach are outfits with long sleeves and leggings made of cotton, linen and tight-weave materials in light tones as these reflect sunlight and heat.

The shade of grey that truly matters
Once you arrive on the beach, pick a shaded spot to keep your baby off direct sun. Whenever possible, try to find amusing things for the little one to play with in the shade – baby skin is far more sensitive to UV radiation than adult one, and intense sun may cause painful sunburns in a flash. If the beach you’re headed to doesn’t have much shade, bring along your buggy or stroller with a pop-up shade or canopy or rent out a parasol or baby sun tent if these are on offer in the local baby gear store.

Keep your baby hydrated and well-nourished on the beach
Staying hydrated when out in intense sunlight is vital for both adults and babies. In case your baby doesn’t drink plain water, always have some tasty home-made juice or shake in your cool bag. Also, bring along light snacks and treats as babies’ appetite tends to take a sudden soar once in fresh air for extended periods of time. The best food to prepare for your baby  on solids for beach mealtime include cooked carrots, nectarines, peaches, bananas, plain breadsticks and rice cakes.

All ready for some beachside fun and games with your baby onboard? Follow these simple tips and all-day comfort, entertainment and safety from heat and sunlight for both you and your little one are guaranteed.