Colouring: A wonderful therapy to de-stress the mind

Life has become very busy & stressful and we have to find some way to get out of it. Are you in a job that demands more work from you and you are not able to cope up with the tensions at office?

Are you a person who have lots of tension at home, taking care of the whole family and solving the issues caused due to the difference of opinion among members of your family?

coloringThen, find some therapies that can bring peace to your mind as soon as possible before it is too late. It is perfectly fine if you do not have much money with you to spend on costly therapies. Creative activities like colouring can bring happiness and peace to your mind.

The health benefits and advantages of cultivating the habit of colouring

  • Less stress
  • Relaxes your mind
  • Mindfulness
  • Feeling of accomplishment

Many people think that colouring is some activity that is restricted for the children. This concept is not true. In this high stress generation, adults need to colour more than children because colouring is a great therapy that releases tension from your mind. It is right that you do not get many free hours in your day that is usually jam-packed with activities.

It is also necessary to find at least an hour to be spent for releasing the tensions in your mind. You are working for your family & yourself and your work is very important as it brings money to you that help you in meeting daily needs. This does not mean that you should neglect your own well-being. Please take care of yourself to take care of others and bring peace and happiness to your mind by devoting at least one hour a day for colouring.

Psychologist’s opinion on benefits of colouring

I am not telling that colouring will solve all the problems that you have in your life but colouring can definitely take your mind out of tension for sometime as you concentrate more and think creatively during the activity. This eases your mind from tension and it is proven that people who take part in such creative activities – at least for an hour in a day – are more successful in their work than others. Even psychologists refer colouring as a great relaxation technique for adults.

Carl G Jung is the first psychologist who implemented this concept using mandalas or circular designs that draws attention to its centre. Gloria Martinez Ayala is a famous psychologist and she says that different areas of the brain get activated while colouring. The cerebral cortex region of the brain that plays a role in our vision and also motor skills also get activated. On the other hand, the activity of amygdala gets lowered and this helps in controlling emotions due to stress and provides relaxation.

Recognition of the good habit of colouring all over the world

The colouring therapy has already spread all over the world and it includes UK. They sell colouring books exclusively for adults. “Art-Therapie” collection is provided by a French publisher Hachette. It has 20 volumes for distressing the mind and includes all beautiful things like butterflies, flowers, cupcakes etc. “Colouring for grown-ups” was sold and it was released in US by Ryan Hunter and Taige Jensen who are great comedians. In Spain also this trend could be seen. “Coloreitor “or “a de-stress book” was released by the cartoonist Antonio Fraguas.

From all above examples it is clear that the importance of developing the habit of colouring has been understood by people all over the world. Why should you delay in procuring a colouring book when even the psychologists are recommending this? Grab your weekly colouring book by becoming a member of the “The Coloring Book Club”. They are providing free trial option for 14 days. I loved it and I wanted to share this opportunity with others. is the website in which you can become a member of the club and can take print-outs to colour & relax.