Sharing your Engagement Socially An Innovative Way

When an engagement in USA can cost you thousands of dollars and leave you financially handicapped, even falling into debt, here is a unique platform that can save you from the financial crisis and yet have fun while sharing your engagement. You can create your page and invite your friends and relatives and also receive cash gifts which could help you to fund your wedding.

What you have to do is log onto and create a page, where you can collect the addresses of your guests and also receive RSVPs. Make a proper announcement over the page, inviting your guests to your wedding and share your love story with your family and friends. You can easily collect the addresses of those who want their invitation to be made by person and do a head count after receiving the RSVPs.

Receive early cash gifts and create a fund for your wedding through this unique way. When creating your page on this platform, invite your fiancé to share with you the engagement by choosing on which categories you want to make the announcements to make it more effective. Enjoy the fun aspect of sharing your engagement with others and feel the excitement of interacting through social networking. Get connected with more and more friends as your wedding day arrives and use this social networking platform to help in plan your wedding properly.

You will be able to check the arrival of gifts when logging onto this website and also receive payment against your cash gifts through the account you have on your page. The way it works is exciting and can be a great fun when sharing your engagement on this social networking platform. Logging onto you can view a sample page and also the video on how the entire system works.