Various Kinds Of Tooth Aches

Tooth ache is one of the most common troubles faced by patients after undergoing dental trouble. The major reason being enhanced sensitivity after the execution of the task. There have been various cases in which pain has turned out to be terribly unbearable. Different kinds of people suffer from different kinds of tooth aches.


Following is the list:

  • Ache around the filled tooth: one must consult an expertise physician if one feels certain kind of pain around the gums white biting the food. This kind of pain is generally experienced when your tooth cavity is not properly filled.
  • Pain on biting the food: one may experience mild ache on biting the food because of anesthesia affect being worn off. This particular kind of pain might be there sometime, but may gradually fade away on its own. Biting something ends up putting pressure upon the teeth because of which pain might occur. It is thus advisable that after you undergo tooth filing, avoid having hard food item. Liquid diet is the best for such patients.
  • Pain option coming in contact with another: it is quite natural for the metal surface of the tooth to get collapsed with one another thereby leading to severe pain. If you feel that the pain that is occurring because of collapsing the tooth is unbearable, and then resort for an expert advice without any delay.
  • Referred tooth pain: when a person undergoes tooth filling then there are various nerves which get affected due the same. If you feel a mild ache in nearby tooth because of the tooth filling then, then there is nothing to worry at all. It shall get over on its own after couple of days.
  • Constant tooth pain. at times it happens that the decay reaches its depth till the pulp of the tooth because of which consistent tooth ache might occur. Such a pain may be there for few weeks after you get your tooth filled. However, this kind of persistent tooth ache simply indicates that the tissue has turned out to be extremely unhealthy and requires being cured through a proper root canal treatment.

Apart from knowing about the remedies of meeting the tooth ache, you must also take few precautionary measures so that your teeth remain healthy forever. You must keep them clean and free from harmful food stuffs. Never consume extreme cold and hot items. For more details visit