10 Easy Steps For How To Change Baby’s Diaper

Parenting seems to be a tough yet interesting job. Parents of newborn babies have to go through many risky days till their baby grows up. Changing diapers can seem to be one of the major risks involved in parenting.

Changing diapers should be carried out safely and timely, else it will affect the hygiene of your baby.

Since the days of diaper pins, the process, not much has really changed. Being a parent is something like a challenging task in terms of physical, mental, and financial.

Processes are the same even if you use diapers or clothes. Use the following directions while changing your baby’s diaper.

  1. Set all the necessary things needed to change the diaper on the changing table.
  2. Lay your baby’s tummy side up on a fresh diaper.
  3. Open the diaper tabs on the soiled paper
  4. Hold your baby’s feet and lift them gently while raising his bottom. Wipe away the excess stools using the clean part of the diaper. Now fold over the soiled part of the napkin and set the used diaper aside.
  5. Use the baby wipes to gently wipe out the baby’s genitals and buttocks from front to back. Remember to clean the lower back and the skin folds of the thighs. A baby girl might get stools over her vagina and labia; clean those areas gently with baby wipes.
  6. Get your baby’s bottom down to the clean diaper and pat dry the area with a towel. You can also use cornstarch powder for this.
  7. Apply diaper rash cream to the areas, if necessary. Online you can find some good skin care solutions and products at a great price. Make sure to look at them.
  8. Pull up the back of the fresh diaper high enough to prevent leakages. Set the front of the diaper just up under the baby’s abdomen.
  9. Set the tabs around from the back of the diaper and tighten them to the front.
  10. Make diapering a game of peek-a-boo to distract your infant prince.

Hopefully, with the above tips, you can easily change your baby’s diaper without any harm to your baby’s skin.