10 Simple Costume Ideas for Your Toddler

Toddlers are funny little creatures – they’re starting to become people right in front of your eyes. So when Halloween rolls around and they announce how excited they are and start rattling off lists of their favourite characters, or what TV shows they like right now it can be a little daunting. Here are some great ideas for toddler costumes that will look adorable and keep them happy:

ToddlerYo Gabba Gabba

If you’ve somehow missed the phenomenon that is Yo Gabba Gabba, it’s a puppet show talking the toddler world by storm. The show is full of fun and funky characters and is adored by kids and parents the world over. All the Yo Gabba Gabba garments available from Spirit Halloween are great, and it’s hard to pick just one! Plex is a magic robot and is the smart and fearless leader of the gabbas. The costume is adorable and looks just like Plex’s black, white and yellow get-up!


Everyone’s favourite character from Frozen, Olaf is a fun-loving, singing and dancing snowman who Elsa and Anna built together as children. It’s his love for all things summer that makes him easily the most lovable character in this winter wonderland film. Everyone will want a warm hug from your little one in a gorgeous Olaf costume.


This little guy really needs no introduction. The fuzzy red three and a half year old that first appeared on Sesame Street in 1972 is revered by children – and adults – all over the world. Elmo’s costume is made of jumpsuit with a Velcro closure for convenience and an attached headpiece. Get ready for tickles!


What would Halloween be without the trademark jack o lantern or pumpkin? While it’s cute as opposed to scary, a plush little orange pumpkin bodysuit sure is festive! The toddler’s will be the ones to dress better than this Halloween.

Yo Gabba Gabba – Foofa

And because we can’t get enough, here’s another Yo Gabba Gabba character – Foofa. Foofa is a pink, girly flower bubble who exudes happiness. She loves all things gorgeous and girly: rainbows, unicorns and sunshine. Too cute!


Your toddler will be quite the little peacemaker in a far-out hippie costume. Just add a peace sign print, matching headband, fringe vest and fringe booties. Bring out the face-paint and put on some Fleetwood Mac, it’ll be the most chilled out Halloween in history.


If you have a mini athlete on your hands, dress to destroy with a boxing toddler costume. They’ll be ready to jump into the ring and battle it out for the last few bits of candy.

Little Red Riding Hood

Let’s make sure your little girl makes it to Grandma’s house this Halloween, dressed in an adorable Little Red Riding Hood toddler costume. Complete with red hooded cape, your toddler can hide away from any big bad wolves who come knocking for candy.


This costume will make the cutest little minion you’ve ever seen. Grab an officially licensed Despicable Me 2 minion toddler costume, complete with dress, headpiece and tights – all in the yellow and blue outfits the minions are known for. Adorable!


She’ll be the most beautiful butterfly you’ve ever seen in a super cute ballerina butterfly costume for toddlers. Flit, flutter, twirl and spin in a black dress with colourful tutu skirt, matching wings and headband with antennae.

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Shopping for your toddler costumes doesn’t have to be the nightmare you imagine. Look online for bargains, or get creative and make your own. What cute character can your little one be this halloween?