7 biggest advantages of Baby Monitor by Annie

Do you remember our article about one of our newest apps, Home Security Monitor? Let us introduce you to another app from Apps by Annie production. This one has been the first app we’ve ever released and it’s still one of the most important to this day – Baby Monitor by Annie.

A few years ago, when we decided to develop mobile applications for families, Baby Monitor by Annie was the first app from our production.

During the last few years we have improved and updated Annie a lot and now it has many great functions and features you can use to keep your baby perfectly safe.

These are the 7 biggest advantages of Baby Monitor by Annie:

  1. Family Account for all your family members

Yes, that’s right. You don’t have to buy several accounts for your family members. The exact opposite is true! You only buy one account and you, your partner, your parents and whoever else you might want to add to your family account can watch how your little bundle of joy is right now.

And you don’t even have to worry if you have a big family – the app allows you to watch 4 babies simultaneously.

  1. International connection via cloud

Baby Monitor by Annie has unlimited reach. That’s because the connection between the devices is provided via Wi-Fi, 3G or LTE network. You may know this from other instances, such as when you talk to your family via Skype or Facetime, distance between you doesn’t matter.

We care about our customers and your happiness will always be the one thing we’ll strive to achieve. And we know that seeing your little baby and hearing him sleep soundly miles and miles away is a truly happy feeling indeed

  1. Video included

Thanks to Baby Monitor by Annie you can not only hear your sweet baby but also see him. After connecting the devices, you can relay the video as well as the sound you would do normally. It’s said that a picture is worth a thousand words and imagine how much a video can tell you!

  1. Safety is always the number one

We know many mothers are afraid of others hacking their baby monitors. With Annie you never have to worry. The communication between the child and parent device is perfectly encrypted and protection against attacks is improved as often as possible.

  1. Battery alerts

Everybody hates the moment when your battery just dies. But do you know what’s worse? If you don’t know about it. With Baby Monitor by Annie, this can’t happen to you. Our app is equipped with a function to inform you’re about the battery status, so rest assured that nothing will come in between you and your baby.

  1. Talk to your baby for better sleep – his and also yours!

It’s very simple. Press the button to allow speaking and you can easily speak with your little angel. Babies love the sound of your voice, use it to your advantage. Read him a fairytale through the monitor while comfortably resting on the couch until he falls asleep.

  1. Music is my best friend!

Maybe you have a baby who sleeps better when he is listening to some music. You can easily turn your baby monitor into a baby radio with your own songs and play them to your sweetie.

Do you want to try Baby Monitor by Annie right now? Perfect, try the app for 30 minutes. It’s free!

Baby Monitor by Annie (Android)

Baby Monitor by Annie (iOS)

Baby Monitor by Annie (Windows)