A Complete Guide on How to Use Your Facebook While Trying To Get Your Ex Girlfriend Back

When you have just had a breakup and are desperate to get back with your girlfriend, you should try every means available to win her back. Whether it is friends, family or social media, everything if used effectively, can come handy in your pursuit to get her.

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Facebook is a big part of everybody’s life these days and it can also be one of the tools that you should use in trying to get back your girlfriend.

How to Use the Facebook Effectively To Get Her Back

FaceBook could be one of the pieces of the big puzzle and if you put together carefully, it should bring her back. There are certain points that you must keep in mind while using facebook:

  • Even after the breakup, don’t remove your ex from your friend list. Don’t unfriend her just yet. This way she can see on a daily basis how much fun you are still having and will make her wonder, if she was wrong in ending the relationship.
  • In case, you have already removed her from you friends group, friend her back. Even if it may look a bit demeaning at first, it will actually work out in the bigger scheme of things.
  • You can wait for her to change the relationship status to single before you do it. This keeps the hope alive for this period.
  • Alternatively, you can change it first before waiting her to do it. This would make her feel a little sting that you are willing to move on so soon. This sting could make her realise how much she actually misses you.
  • Your FaceBook account may have couple of pictures of you two. Do not remove all of them, but retain a few. This way she would keep wondering why you have left these pictures. She would think that you still cherish some part of her. She would be puzzled of your intentions and this way you would be in her thoughts.
  • Your status update should be optimistic ones showing how much you love life. They should not be sarcastic or pessimistic ones, giving a peep into your present state of mind. Don’t change your update daily instead change every 2 weeks.
  • Add more female friends. This would make her jealous. A word of caution here is to be careful while adding more female friends. You don’t want to look desperate nor do you want her to guess your plan of making her jealous.

Use Jealousy As A Weapon:

You ex is definitely checking your FaceBook account from time to time. When she finds out that you have added more female friends, commented on their pictures and also posted pictures with your other female friends on your account, she would feel jealous.

This feeling will help her understand the true feelings towards you and this would eventually bring her back to you.

Facebook alone might not be enough to get her into your life. If you are one of those love struck boyfriend, who is stuck on I want my ex girlfriend back, plan every move carefully and then work on it patiently.

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