A Jungle Gym Basketball Net Will Help Your Kids Stay Fit

Does your neighborhood have a house on the block where all the kids like to gather to play? You know the one with all the fun stuff to do outside. It could be your house if you had a place for the kids to play. With outdoor swing sets, jungle gyms and outdoor sports equipment, your imagination is the limit to what can be built or added to. Feel like a kid again as you build a customizable jungle gym for your kids.

Adding a basketball net to your jungle gym is the perfect way to keep your kids active as it provides them with a game that allows them to run and play and compete. There are basketball nets with adjustable heights, so even the youngest neighborhood kids can play.

The best game ever is the one where the whole family plays together. If the neighborhood kids come to play, it could be a chance to get to know your neighbors. Who would have thought a basketball net placed on a jungle gym would be so versatile?


In 1891, James Naismith, a teacher at the International YMCA Training School, invented the game of basketball. Today the school is Springfield College in Springfield, Massachusetts. In 1892, the first actual game was played. They played on a court half the size of those played on today.

With wooden peach baskets for nets and wire mesh for the backboard, only one point was scored. Since those days, Canadians have been finding new ways to celebrate the sport of basketball — from the Toronto Raptors to the hybrid sport of Ultimate Frisbee. What better way to continue the tradition than to play a game of basketball with your kids in your own backyard.

With so many kids playing on computer games leaving less time to get exercise and sunlight, obesity and other health issues are plaguing more kids than ever before. Sunlight provides a natural way to get vitamin D and playing outside allows the children to work out their energy and think about something fun. You may have to coax them at first if they are not used to going outside, but with a little coaxing and some imagination, you can have your kids shooting hoops in no time.

You may enjoy it as much as them, and soon a “no electronics hour” will become a staple at your home thanks to a versatile basketball net jungle gym. But where can you find a well-made, adaptable jungle gym? If you live in Southwestern Ontario, you can start your search with Play Rainbow, a local option dedicated to providing colorful and fun build-it-yourself jungle gyms.

It is a natural urge for kids to play and with the right jungle gym set, you can allow your kids to be active and healthy at home. There is a jungle gym set just right for your children — all you have to do is hop online and browse the many selections available at Play Rainbow. You can start small and add more each year as your kids grow — which is guaranteed to keep them interested. With a basketball net placed at the right height on a pole, you can entertain your children for hours.

There are jungle gym sets that are simple and then there are sets that are built like forts, castles, and playhouses. If you have the room, you can build an indoor set to play on. The only negative thing would be that the neighborhood kids never go home!

So check out Playrainbow.ca to see the latest options in play sets, jungle gym sets and sports equipment and become the family with the coolest play area on the block. The neighborhood kids will love you for it!