A series of adventures for kids spiced with humor and lots of fun

Plenty of stay-at-home parents have gotten fun ideas for things to do with their children, and the Internet now allows them to share these ideas with the world in a way that would have been next to impossible only a few decades ago.

fun adventures for kids

This Indiegogo project was started by a mother who invented a card game for her kids. The card game later became the inspiration for a kids’ story series. She is now trying to get the financing to make the short story series a reality:


While the intention behind this Indiegogo project is to create a short story series that was based on an initial set of cards, people can potentially get both of these items depending upon how much they are willing to contribute.

A contribution of one hundred dollars is going to net people a card game with the characters that are from the short story series. People are going to have to contribute two hundred and fifty dollars in order to get their hands on a copy of the series.

Writing takes a lot of time for the people who want to be able to do it well, and it is especially difficult for the people who are working as state-at-home parents at the same time. However, with a certain degree of financial backing, they can certainly make it worth their while.

The people who are willing and able to support this Indiegogo project are going to be supporting the independent work of parents like themselves, since most of the people who are going to be interested in this project are going to be parents.

There are already too many children’s series that are all the same, since the publishing industry tends to create a certain level of uniformity. Projects like this one will change the equation.