What are The Advantages of Lab Grown Diamonds?

Can you call lab-created diamonds real diamonds? Well, 100% yes, the man-made diamonds or lab-grown diamonds are real diamonds and this trend is here to stay.

The only thing which makes a man-made diamond differ from a natural diamond is its origin.

While this diamond is grown inside a lab with the help of advanced technology which copies the natural diamond growing procedure.

Lab Grown Diamonds

The end result is that the lab grown diamonds are chemically, visually, and physically exactly the same as the ones grown below the surface of the Earth.

You cannot categorize lab-created diamonds as fakes. They are not cubic zirconias and possess all the physical and chemical properties of a real diamond mined.

So, without any potential difference, one can easily pick lab-grown diamonds in place of real diamonds.

Often these diamonds are also referred to as synthetic diamonds.

Though technically it is an inaccurate term. And synthetic may be the term that people believe that lab-grown diamonds are fake.

Some of the advantages of lab grown diamonds are given below:

Low in the price: The price of these diamonds is less than mined ones.

However, it doesn’t mean that man-made diamonds are cheap. The cost of lab-grown diamonds and real diamonds is more or less the same.

So, why is the price comparatively lower?

The mined diamonds and manmade diamonds have the same cost when you talk about cutting, polishing, and assessment while the mined diamonds have a big supply chain, right from getting it in the raw form to involving miners, distributors, cutting, polishing, etc.

But the manufacturing procedure of lab grown diamonds is cut shorter because there is no mining procedure.

And, the supply chain of lab grown diamonds along with Lab grown diamond jewellery is also small. This is why the price is comparatively lower.

Environmentally friendly: Diamond mining has a major effect on the environment.

Diamond mining companies are completely aware of it and they have taken measures to lower the impact on the ecological system.

However, the lab created diamonds are environmentally friendly. They require less energy to grow a diamond in a lab.

Thus, it saves money on energy and decreases their cost.