African Safari

African continent has many attractions and a rich wildlife. It will take you quite a few times discussing all places with your travel agent. You should have some basic knowledge about that place you are visiting. Travel guide books are very helpful. If someone wants to go on an African safari, and you don’t know much about safaris, following are very useful information for you.


Earlier safari meant a journey involving hunting and roaming the wild woods. But now it means a journey which is adventurous and helps us discover nature and wildlife in their natural home.

Of all the African countries, South Africa is considered one of the best African Safaris destinations. South Africa has most number of wildlife parks, which gives you true safari experience. Every year lot of safari lovers from over the world visit Africa because of vibrant park.

For exploring the woods, visitors have a lot of different safaris to choose from in each of the park. During your African Safari tour you can choose to fly over, drive through the parks or you can choose to walk through the forest area. Some parks have theme based safaris like elephant-back, canoeing, honeymoon and horseback safaris.

In African Safari you will find the following lodging options:
1. Lodges and hotels: You can choose where to live while on your safari, you can either choose to live in comfortable or in a simple lodge. They are available most of the time but you should make an advanced booking during the peak season as it is very busy and you might not get any hotel rooms.
2. Permanent tended safaris: During the safari trip most people choose from many comfortable guest houses and hotels to stay in but some people choose to live in permanent tented safaris to get a true experience of the trip.

Do research and strategically plan your trip to make it more adventurous and enjoyable.

Here are some tips:
1. It is very important to make your African safari safe, beside it being exciting.
2. You should know specialties of every African safari wildlife parks. You can choose one park that we think suits our interest.
3. Do research and choose the right time for you to visit the park. If you will choose to visit the park during the peak season, you won’t miss anything during your tour. But be sure to have shots of important vaccinations before going to the tour.
4. Only pack most essential things while packing your bags. Take right clothing and shoes for your African safari trip.
5. Take important medicines, water and food with you. Explore through different African safari packages like luxury safari or you can take budget safari, they are offered by different travel agents.
6. You should make sure that all important things like ground transportation, meals, guide, accommodation, excursion, transfers etc. are included in the package you are booking.
7. You should always hire an experienced guide. A guide can make or spoil your trip. a best travel agent helps you to enjoy the trip.