Are You Expecting A Child?

One cannot deny the fact that the best feeling for women is when she is expecting a child. A pregnant woman feels out of this world and she thinks nothing more but about her baby which is going to come in this beautiful world. But there are also many women who get disappointed hearing about their pregnancy and this is because of their unplanned pregnancy.


There is no age for unplanned pregnancy to happen to women. It is many times seen that women of age above 35 believes that they can no more get pregnant and thus leaves all hopes. But many times such women get pregnant which can truly be said as unplanned pregnancy. Such cases can bring happiness for many but for many it brings stress as they find it a hurdle in achieving their life goals. If a woman is expecting a baby then it can bring all the happiness of world but if she is not expecting and she gets pregnant then it becomes a terrible situation for her.

If a women gets pregnant after her age of 35 then it is medically called advanced maternal age. In this situation there is high risk during pregnancy and one needs to take extra care when going for it. In many such cases it is seen that miscarriages happen and thus we can say that after the age of 35 the chance of miscarriages increases when expecting a child.

If a woman is expecting a child after her age of 45 then the chances of miscarriages increases to 50 percent. This simply means that it is very important to plan your pregnancy at your right age. It also means that there is no age for getting pregnant. So, you need to be careful in order not to go for unplanned pregnancy.