Astrology and Arrange the Child Birth

Are you planning to conceive? You are going to make a great move in your life, which is really exhilarating and life-changing. You need to consider many things like financial capacity, family support and, etc.

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Before you start trying for a baby, consider Vedic astrology to know what destiny has stored for you and your future baby. Vedic astrology is the science if light that has many key indicators, predicting the possibilities and hindrances of having children.

5th house in Horoscope

This is the part in a horoscope showing the chances of having children. The 5th house should be associated with good planets like Venus, Jupiter or moon to develop a healthy foetus while Rahu, Mars, Ketu or Sun are dry and malefic planets, which is not favorable for childbirth.

Position of moon

If your horoscope has the moon in the 5th house associated with favorable aspects or other planets, you have more chances to bless with many children.

Fruitful or infertile zodiac signs

Zodiac signs like cancer, Pisces and Scorpio are fruitful aspects for childbirth while signs Leo, Aries and Virgo are barren signs. Remaining signs give you mixed results. If your 5th house is associated with a barren sign, you may have less chances of having children.

Saptamasha Chart

This is a continuation of the birth horoscope. It offers you more information about the childbirth, such as impregnation, gender and birth of the child, comforts from the child, etc. The chart divides a zodiac sign into 7 equal parts of 4 degrees and 17 minutes.

Thus, Vedic astrology says that the 5th house of a horoscope primarily determine the possibility of having children. Besides this, aspects like position and strength of 5th house lord, zodiac sign of 5th house, saptamash chart and strength of Jupiter can help predict about future children and comforts from them. You are advised to consult Vedic astrologers before planning a pregnancy or in case of difficulty in conception, miscarriage, etc.

Find your baby’s predictions through the name of baby

There are many online tools that predict the future of your baby using the Moon sign which helps to arrange the future child birth with astrology. Moon zodiac in astrology determines the predictions of a person’s health, happiness and attitude.

Many parents don’t know their baby’s moon sign thanks to online tools that help find moon sign by name. Zodiac sign finder will calculate the name alphabet and get your moon sign and predictions. To get more information on same check here at