Automatic Doors Help Mothers and Babies

If you are a shop owner and would like to make things easier for mothers and their babies, then the best thing you can do is to install automatic doors.

Often, mothers are struggling through shop doors with a pram that already has lots of bags of shopping tied to the handles. They have to reach ahead and push the door while pushing the pram at the same time.


If you buy an auto door solution for your business you will be very popular with struggling pram-pushing mothers.

If you’ve been searching for information about auto doors, then you’re in luck because this is the information that you’ve been looking for.

In this article we’re going to discuss several types of auto doors that may be just the right fit for your business. First, we’re going to talk about sliding in telescoping doors. Next, we’ll discuss swinging and folding doors. Finally, we’ll finish up with a few installation factors that you should consider before making a final decision.

After reading this article you’ll be able to choose the type of auto door that’s perfect for your business.

Sliding and Telescoping Doors

Automatic doors can be found at the entrance of most businesses these days. But when you are in the market for buying one, there are a number of different options that must be considered to ensure that the door that you select performs to your expectations. For example, if the door will also act as a fire door then it must also meet the appropriate construction, design, and building use restrictions determined by the fire code.

Sliding auto doors are one of the most popular and effective option available because overall they’ll give you the most benefits. Pedestrians don’t have to worry about standing clear of the door when they open and close no matter which direction they happen to be walking. Sliding doors are also ideal for people in wheelchairs because the doors can be constructed to accommodate just about any reasonable size opening.

Nevertheless, the one big drawback with this type of door is that adequate space must exists for the door to operate properly. The space that’s needed isn’t always available, especially if the installation is a retrofit project. In cases where space is a problem, then telescoping doors are a viable option. This type of door is broken up into short leaves which overlap when sliding open. This has the advantage of only needing a width less than twice the doorway opening size.

Swinging and Folding Doors

There are times when there just isn’t going to be enough space available to accommodate sliding automatic doors of any type. In those situations a folding or swinging door may be your best bet. The operation of swinging doors can be adjusted for low or high energy operation and may be retrofitted to most existing doors so you don’t even have to purchase a new one.

Traffic volume and flow will determine which mode of operation should be used. Doors installed in areas with low traffic can be designed so they’re manually operated by the majority of users with the option for automated function via a pushbutton for disabled patrons.

Installation Tips

One of your primary considerations when installing auto doors is to decide how the door will be operated during a power failure. Will the default solution be for the door to remain open, or as would be the situation involving a fire door, will it close and automatically latch?

Another vital consideration is that when swinging and folding doors are use the business must take steps to protect pedestrians standing or walking in the area swept by the door. Therefore, choosing the appropriate safety device will be critical.

However, the most important consideration of all is to select a professional installer that’s been accredited by the appropriate agencies, such as ADSF UK LTD. We manufacture and install automatic doors throughout the United Kingdom and Ireland that include entrance screens and shopfronts. We belong to the automatic door suppliers Association (ADSA), and all of our engineers maintain BS7036 qualifications and CSCS registration that conforms with all European and UK standards. Visit our website at for more information.