Baby Sleep Wedge Pillow: An Ideal Gift for Your New Born

Baby care begins right from the first day of your pregnancy! It would not be wrong to assume that your baby care does not end until your toddler starts to walk.

Most importantly the first few months, after your baby is born, is a critical phase. And you need to take immense care during this time to ensure your baby sleep with maximum comfort.

As your baby shall always be either sleeping or laying down, it is important for you to invest in a right baby cushion/pillow that is most comforting for them.

Baby wedge pillow or a bassinet mattress wedge is one of the most comforting ones that I have recently found online at Amazon.

It comes with a firm foam head support for infants to offer the most luxurious sleep they deserve.

Few other key features that I loved in this anti-reflux for baby pillow are:

  • Comes with high-density firm foam material
  • Made up of 100% modal cotton breathable fabric
  • The wedge fits most of the bassinets (both mini and deluxe)
  • Extra-wide head support with 12-degree gradual inclination for extra comfort
  • Removable waterproof cotton cover that is machine washable for effortless hygiene

Above all this wedge pillow for baby comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee for a risk-free purchase.

Not only its a good one for the comfort of your baby but also it helps in avoiding problems such as acid reflux which is most common in newborns.

Color selection plays a vital role in making your cushion look more attractive. Hence choose the bright colors which match perfectly with your baby room.

While choosing the bright colors, you might worry that the color will fade away soon. But leave all your worries behind, as the fabric lasts long if you choose the quality product from the reliable store.