Bamboo Ray Hooded Baby Bath Towel: You will just love it!

The bamboo ray hooded baby bath towel is a great must have towel for your baby due to its antibacterial properties.

The antibacterial and hypoallergenic qualities of the towel is really a boon for babies and we are sure that you as a new mom will love using it for your baby. It helps in avoiding tensions of baby getting skin allergies, eczema and itching due to the usage of towels.

This organic towel makes sure that the baby’s skin remains healthy as it does not cause any damage to the extra soft and sensitive skin of baby. It is made using not only cotton but also bamboo.

Bamboo is the major ingredient of it and this makes the towel more absorbent than the normal cotton ones. Its absorbing quality is four times better than the usual cotton towels. Maximum absorption of water helps in minimizing irritation to its maximum too.

The towel is large and this makes it the best option for kids aging in between 0 to 5 years. As it measures 34.5” x 34.5” the towel suits not only babies and toddlers but also elder kids. The towel is very soft and cozy with a bear head hood that is highly adorable.

The mixture of bamboo (70 %) and cotton (30%) makes the towel the owner of best qualities of both bamboo and cotton. The qualities that it inherits from bamboo are high absorbency, odor-preventative qualities and softness.

The qualities that it inherits from cotton are strength, fluffiness and lightness. It becomes softer by each wash. This makes them highly reusable and cost-effective.

These towels are the best choice for gifting babies. The color of the towel is soft neutral orange which suits both boys and girls. Money back guarantee (one year) is also available with this product.

The cute bear ears help in enhancing cute look of babies. Softness, durability, bigger size, antibacterial properties and money back policy are the qualities that make this towel a highly demanded product.

Complete satisfaction is 100 % guaranteed through this product. For more information about the product you can check Bamboo Ray Facebook page here.