Best Tips on How to Win your Ex Back

Break up is really a painful thing to happen. There are many reasons which can lead to a break up. Anybody who has experienced a break up knows the pain of it. It confirms the end of shared intimacy and happiness and leaves an emotional mark which takes a long time to heal. But the good side is that, if the relationship is strong enough then it can be recovered. Now the question is how to win someone back? Remember some things- do not beg, do not get angry, do not cry. Women hate that.

break ups and dating

Be a good listener: – Listen to her, listen to the reasons she is giving for break-ups, and if you want to ask something then ask it politely. Back down during an argument when it becomes hot. Believe it or not it’s worth it. Don’t get angry if she is being evasive; politely ask her for a good reason. Try to regain the lost communication between you and her by listening to everything she is saying. Be thoughtful, charming and gentle while talking to her.

Don’t plead or beg: – the very first thing anyone needs to perform with the purpose of answer the question: how to win someone back is never pleading or begging. Pleading and begging will make things worse for you. Every woman wants her boy friend to be a confident and strong man. But begging will make you a weak and wimp person to her. So you have to be very strong.

Be her friend: – this is very important. Talk, act, and listen as a friend would. Show her that you can be a very good friend. Be considerate, understanding, kind and sincere and give her support whenever she wants. Call or text her sometimes asking for an advice on some topic not related to you and her.

Wait: – don’t be impatient or desperate. It will destroy the chance of come back. Give space to her, avoid intimate and love-making discussions and focus only on building trust and friendship. This is a very delicate stage of relationship so don’t try to move fast, just give time.

Recall the good times: – when you are talking to her, casually remind your ex of some of nice times spent with her. Say that you can do anything to make her happy. If your ex wants you to make sound like Donald duck, just do it. She will just love it.

Be kind to your ex: – both of you have to be kind and considerate to each other. Encourage her to express her needs form this relationship. You must not pressure her under any circumstances.

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