Birthing Books: Best for Getting Knowledge About Water Birth And Birthing Pool

At present, there is an increase hike among the pregnant women for a water birth. It seems to be less painful than any other forms of labor. It is somewhat a little bit time consuming, but with passing time, you will get the hang of it. For a perfect water birth, women need to get along with a birthing pool.


No matter in whichever labor stage you are in, you will feel the sensation of warm water to be quite appealing. It will even help you to find your current comfortable position. Here, you will be guided by your feelings and even get to talk to midwives, whenever the right time comes.

Avoid being in hurry

You will get to know when you need to be in the birthing pool. But, avoid being hurrying up. The water works better for you in case; you can tolerate the pain and wait till the cervix is 5 centimeters dilated.

If your contractions are coming strongly, then warm water seems to create a relieving effect. Even partners have the liberty to be in the pool if they want to. But, it’s always necessary to take a quick bath, before you move into the pool. Always remember to fill your system with water and plenty of juice. It’s better to drink with a straw.

Temperature of the water

Only reliable birthing books can provide you with detailed information on birthing pool and its promising effects, for a water birth. Always be sure to keep the bladders empty during labor. You should create as much space as possible, for the baby to come out.

Make sure to keep the water temperature below 37 degree Celsius. For the first labor stage, the temperature needs to be between 35 and 37 degree Celsius. And for the second labor stage, it must be within 37 to 37.5 degree Celsius. If the water is too hot, then it might cause distress to the baby and the would-be mom, as well.

Getting down to the book

Now, for any detailed information on this kind of pool and water birth, make sure to get hold of birthing books from La Bassine. Written by Franciuse Freedman, it has 34 pages. It is named Aqualight, where you will come to learn everything about the birthing pool and its usage.

This is a handbook, mainly meant for a water birth. It features series of some Aqua related Yoga postures, which can help in your water birth. Going through this book is not just mandatory for the new mom-to-b, but for the entire family, especially the partner.

Divisions of the book

This book is divided into four different sections, covering various aspects of childbirth. It starts with the first division; Pregnancy. Here, it teaches about Aqua Yoga postures for easing pains and aches.

The second step is defined as Water Birth. It shows pregnant women some stretching and relaxing techniques, which can ease the birthing procedure and open your current pelvis for delivery preparation. These are the basic stages of a perfect and safe delivery.

Last two steps to follow

The third step, as mentioned in birthing books is defined as Aqua baby and talks about baby’s first cradling float and first swim. It will even help you to teach your little ones how to dunk and introduce them to the joy of being in the water. The last and final step is defined as Post Natal.

This stage will talk about the Aquatone exercises, which will help new mommies to be back in shape. These exercises are mentioned in short and easy-to-understand presentations. There are some colorful photographs available too, which clearly illustrate the postures well.