Blessings and Messages in a Bottle

People are always looking for creative gifts to give to their family, friends, co-workers, or employees that are personalized to reflect the occasion and the person receiving the gift. Carolyn Bentley’s Bottle Grams is a start-up company that offers personalized gifts for any occasion.

Bottle Grams

Carolyn uses bottles from Spain that are made from recycled glass and fills them with messages and American made products such as candy, charms, ribbons, and more.

The bottles come in two sizes and seven different colors, and when customers purchase a Bottle Gram, $1 will be donated to the Wounded Warrior Project.

To help fund her start-up company, Carolyn has started a campaign on with the hopes of raising $8000 by January 26,2016.

She is currently working out of her apartment which is too small to work in and hold the inventory, so she will be using some of the money to pay rent for a small office space to work out of.

She will also use some of the money to make a purchase of 72 cases of 432 bottles at a cost of $3,024. Her goal is to sell a minimum of 500 bottles per month, and she will do her own marketing and advertising to make this happen. The remaining money will be used for shipping costs and purchasing products to full the bottles.

Carolyn sees Bottle Grams as a philanthropic opportunity as much as a business. Not only will a dollar be donated to the Wounded Warrior with every purchase, she plans on hiring disabled veterans to work various jobs within her company.

She is also doing her part to help other small companies stay in business by purchasing their products to use in her bottles. To help fund Carolyn’s start-up company Bottle Grams, go to her campaign and make a donation at