Books are the Best Friend of Children

Books are very important part of each one of our lives, but it has some special emphasis on children’s. Basically children’s literature includes books, magazines, stories and interesting poems that are enjoyed by children. There are many interesting books available for children’s for reading. Children’s books comes into wide variety like classic books, picture books, toy books, story books, comic books and many more. These all are the books that you loved so much as children that you read them to your children.  Stories from children books, you grew up with, still make you smile.

booksDid you know about this fact? That earlier children’s books weren’t there to make happy and entertain kids but their main goal was-

  • To educate children to some degree through various pictures and creativity.
  • To socialise your children’s properly
  • Its aim was to make sure that your kids didn’t grow up to be savages.

However, children’s books capture you twice, your experience of reading books with a child and seeing it through your child eyes. And you must have loved them to reading it even your parents must have loved your children’s books and your children’s will definitely also love to read them.

What are your all time favourite children’s books? Books especially for kids existed at least several hundred years ago. Looking for fantastic children’s books? There are some very popular and fantastic ranges of children’s books listed as-

  • Story thieves
  • Tyrone the horrible-a picture book
  • Mambo moon

All these are beautifully illustrated with stories and some insight into Indian culture.