Boys Hobbit Costume: Check These for Your Kids

J.R.R Tolkein is a writer, from whose novel there are a number of unique characters that have come into existence. There are a number of such characters that people like to be, the craze of these characters is all the more when it comes to kids.

hobbit costume

For a small children’s get together, the theme of a hobbit can be fun. It is often seen that such themes are loved by kids and especially boys, they love to get into attires of super heroes named:

1. Dwalin
2. Dori
3. Bofur
4. Thorin,

These are a few to be named. There are a number of perfect costumes available which can very well transform you into your favorite dwarf character i.e., the Baggins.

Among boys, Gandalf is considered to be the most liked character, through which they attempt to be the most powerful and also famous wizards in the land of the middle earth. The perfect touch that is given to the costume is by the accessories. For boys the accessories can be:

  • Elf ears,
  • Aragorn costume sword
  • Gollum mask
  • Gandalf brooch
  • Bow and arrow costume set

There are many medieval collectible shops, where you can find the best hobbit costume for your boy kid, there are great costumes for the theme of Halloween and also for the opening night of the hobbit movie.

It is usually the boys who are excited about going to the hobbit parties, becoming the most desired character in the complete costume of that particular wizard character. We now tell you as to how can hobbit style clothing are done.

1. Optional suspenders for pants and shirt – in order to have a perfect shirt for a hobbit costume there has to be a shirt with full sleeves and they should be slightly colored, which are often wore along with the cuffs that are slightly rolled up.

2. A buttoned vest that is sleeveless or a waistcoat would do – hobbits usually wore the waist coat along with their full sleeves shirt, or simply a vest which was buttoned. Moreover these vests were in a grayish shades or the shades of black, which buttons of metal or brass.

3. A jacket with full sleeves and buttons made of brass – a jacket of the military green colour, paired with beautiful shinning buttons, use to be the perfect attire of the hobbits costumes for boys. The jacket can also be of deep red color. This jacket shall be suitable for the formal men’s suit, and meant for men who have a good structured body and not for those who are lean and thin.

4. Cropped trousers – one can easily get these trousers readily available at home, one can easily cut them below the knee’s length and then finally sew or glue back the edges to it a neater look.

5. A hooded cloak – even this has been the most popular attires, especially in the wizards role play. Grey and brown options are readily available for a hobbits costume for boys and also an earthy natural shade shall be a great choice.