Breast Feeding: Boon for Mother and NewBorn

Breastfeeding is considered as the most affectionate practice through which a mother can provide to her infant “immortal love”. Not only this, the breast milk just after the birth of your baby acts as “nectar” for the life of that little soul.

Breast Feeding

This process (breastfeeding) is carried out throughout the world and has been an ancestral belonging to mothers since long.

The first milk that comes after the delivery is exactly the life-giving fluid that can make little baby strong enough to face and fight back many challenges of his life related to health.

Breast milk is the complete food for infants. Many studies have proved that breastfeeding is beneficial for newborn baby as well as the mother.

Here are some of the benefits. Check them up!

Benefits of breast milk for infants

Healthy for babies: The first breastfeed after the delivery is really helpful to the baby to fight back many diseases.

When a mother gives birth to a baby then the hormonal changes makes automatic simulation and production in the breasts. The first batch of milk contains Colostrum which is produced for only few hours of giving birth. Presence of colostrums makes milk luscious yellow type and increases its nutritional value.

The antibodies present in this milk are enough to give your child the life term immunity for adverse diseases. Surveys show that the babies undertaken first feed from their mother are healthy and are more protected from diseases like asthma, obesity, diabetes, respiratory infections and much more.

Easy to digest: new born baby has developing digestive system so it is required to give him a balanced nutrient that can be easily digested. Breast milk is the most appropriate of all.

Benefits of breastfeeding for mother

Breastfeeding keeps mother healthy: this practice is very important for mothers to make affectionate relationship with the infants. Child will come closer as well as feel protected, restful and tepid. The flow of Oxytocin hormone is increased which helps mothers to simulate their pain easily feel comfortable.

It keeps mother free from infections as well as certain diseases: with breastfeeding there is little threat of diabetes, breast cancer, ovarian cancer and postpartum (after detachment of baby) depression.

Its easier and economical: It is easier to breastfeed children in comparison to efforts required for mothers for weaning their child. You are free from repeated sterilizing and cleaning of the bottles, thus the chances of infections are less.

Furthermore, the expenses of costly food supplements and mix feeds are minimized a lot, thereby making you financially viable.

Doctors suggests that the infants are necessarily be fed by their mothers through breastfeeding for nearly six months, by then metabolism of baby is developed enough to assimilate nutrients from weaning and direct feeding as well.

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