Brighten Your Kid’s Childhood with Magic Cars

Do you want your toddlers to enjoy exclusive remote control ride one cars in your backyard or parks? Well, if yes, then these ride-on cars are the best thing for your toddlers at present.

Designed under the similar pattern and logo of the real world cars, these cars are divine in looks and real in functionality. Decked with functions of real life car like acceleration, steering, power control and brakes, these cars are designed under the flagship of brands.


Whether you wish to gift your kid a Ferrari, Mercedes, BMW or Chevrolet, you have the best cars available around. Perfect for kids from 1year of age to 5-6 years, the cars are genuine licensed replicas.

It features authentic badges, lights, MP3 player unit, sound; horn and push start button technology. Decked with the remote control power wheels for toddlers spec, the car can otherwise be controlled by the parents too, if the kids cannot reach the foot pedal. These are fully operated cars with steering wheel and foot pedal.

The magic cars are excellently designed and come with amazing specs like the real cars. If your kid is really into sports car and loves riding, then make sure you buy one for him/ her. They will love the car and will surely cherish it for years.

You need not worry about the safety aspects as the cars are 100% secure and featured with safety belts and cushioned seat. It will be a perfect Christmas and New Year gift for your child. So, make your kid the happiest this year by gifting them one of their favorite magic cars.

It is great for kids and serves every purpose of a perfect riding companion, keeping the safe, happy and amazed. Love branded, luxurious coupe; gift your kid one to know what it really feels like! Order now!