Bring more exercise into kid’s lives with this invention

A concerned dad, Lonny Schwartz came up with a Kickstarter campaign with the idea of combining sports with computers in order to make children do more physical activities. He invented a software that uses a heart rate monitor watch to measures activity and helps schedule kids days.

Where are kids today from the playgrounds, from the football courts, from the parks? Unfortunately, the wind of new technology has come and instead of kids going out and play, children rather choose to stay inside and play on the computer.


The problem is that the already sit in the school, and in the afternoon when they get home, they just continue sitting; this means they spend 80% of their days in sitting position.

This unhealthy lifestyle can lead to several diseases such as high blood pressure, poor blood circulation, obesity, and physical deformities of the back and shoulder – that further damages the proper function of organs. Not to mention the fact that lack of sunshine and sports, meeting with peers, etc., can lead to depression and poor self-esteem if not treated in time.

Lonny Schwartz, who spent a lot of time fighting with his kids not to sit that much in front of the computer had enough. He knew he needs to change something, and it revealed it was his mind setting.

Kids nowadays grow up with technology taking a huge part of their lives and they don’t know any better. So this concerned dad came up with an idea of a software that will help to teach children how to schedule their days better thus acquiring a healthier lifestyle, and created a Kickstarter campaign.

This invention combines a heart rate monitor with software to manage daily exercise. Children and parents can schedule a day together different kind of exercises. For kids, using a software like this will be a natural addition to their lives.

The system behaves as a kind of social media platform between kids. They can play games with each other or race against another, and they can actually measure the outcome. It’s a fun way to make you kids stand up from the computer and start doing physical activities.

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