Cat Scratching Towers Toys and Bedding That Makes a Happy Feline

If you kitty is scratching up everything in your home, perhaps you need to provide a nice alternative that will prevent messing your walls and furniture.

Cat scratching towers are the ideal solution that provides your cat something to scratch, so that object that it is currently scratching can get a break. At times, it becomes difficult for your feline to understand not to scratch walls, carpet, and furniture hence; a scratching tower for cat makes sense.


So what is a cat scratching tower?  It is a piece of furniture specifically designed for your cat natural bouncy leanings of climbing, scratching and hiding. These cat towers are comfortable retreat.

Since; many kitties enjoys hiding under the bed or sofa, this can provide them exclusive sanctuary of their own that comes with luxury cat bedding where your cat can curl up for a quick nap.

Do these cat towers come with scratching post? Yes, some of them come with this feature.

If you offer your pet an ideal place to scratch and encourage it to use it, you can prevent unwanted destruction to your valuable items. The cat scratching towers are covered in rope with some alluring scents to attract your cat.

Along with cat scratching towers and bedding, you can give your kitty something more to enjoy i.e. catnip toys. Majority of the stores are now selling these kinds of cat toys. Though they can be made at home, but avoid doing so instead buy them because they come filled with a vigorous chemical called nepetalactone.

It is active in stimulating your cat when it is smelled or inhaled.  It slows down the rash behaviour of your cat.  When your kitty is well-acclimated, try changing it with another one, as the older one is no longer useful in taming your cat.

If you are thinking that giving a catnip toy to your cat is safe enough? Yes, it is safe and not addictive. But it is advised to limit the use of such toys. You can find all kind of cat relevant things at your local pet store. These days there are lot of variety found in catnip toys like organic, dried etc.

Make sure that you invest in a well-built cat toys and furniture that provide your adorable kitty spend entire day in great mood.

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