Celtic Jewelry for Adding Meaning with Style

Celtic jewelry has always held the fascination of many an admirer of sparkling items. While people know what a diamond on a woman means, some people may not know what the Celtic cross, the boar, Shamrock or the bull actually symbolize. That cat around your neck may mean something entirely to the cultured.

Gold Shamrock Earrings

The Celtic cross – A cross whose arms is of equal length and is enclosed or backed by a circle- is one of these fashionable items. This shape symbolizes the four corners of the Earth combining into one force. It remains a symbol of eternity through the way it traces the path of the sun. It is of interest to note that these items are not necessarily Christian, as the crosses themselves are much older than Christianity.

Shamrock is a symbol of Christianity for Irish people in Ireland. It is popular since ages and has been associated with these people from the time of Druids. It is believed that Saint Patrick actually used the Shamrock for converting the Irish people to Christianity. Since then Shamrock is a symbol which is used to represent Irish locally and worldwide. Especially for Irish women, having a Shamrock jewellery like gold shamrock earrings means a lot.

The Pentacle, or a five pointed star enclosed within a circle, has many interpretations. Pagans often make use of this type of jewelry to symbolize their faith, usually by Wiccans. Two of the more popular interpretations are of the five elements [Water, Wind, Flame, Earth and Soul] and or the stages of life [Birth, Youth, Adulthood, Old age and Death].

It’s up to you to find the other meanings, should you desire, so you can wear a part of history around you, a part of culture that tells people that you know what you’re wearing.