Choose A Right Small Dog Breed As Your Beloved Pet

If you talk about small dog breeds, three words come to your mind within a flash of a second; cute, mushy and quite. The best thing about these pets is that they are very easy to handle and train.

In comparison with a greyhound or a bulldog, these species are very easy to handle. Moreover, you can carry them around whenever you want to. Many people opt for this particular species because they come at a very affordable rate.

However, these species catch the eye of so many people because everyone likes to cuddle them.

A silver Miniature Poodle stacked.
A silver Miniature Poodle stacked. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Know the Statistics

Before choosing one, you need to have a good small dog breeds information and deep understanding in this particular field.

Any dog that weighs 20-22 pounds and less than 16 inches tall falls under this particular category.

Before choosing, you also need to know about how you will be taking care of your pet. Also, identify whether it is a furry dog or a hairless dog.

It is widely seen that furry dog is much popular because of its cuteness. However, the problem with this kind of species is that they shed lots of hair.

And, if you don’t want to spend a hefty amount of time with your vacuum cleaner then it is advisable to opt for a dog that sheds no hair.

Pomeranian or Pug

Small dog breeds are considered to be an intelligent breed and many like to have them in their drawing room because of their friendly nature.

Breeds like Pomeranian and Pug have the ability to understand human commands. A species named Poodle is considered to be the beauty queen among this category.

The exciting part of this category of dog is that they are very much aware of their own looks, and they need to get pampered by their masters at a regular interval. It is quite understandable that owning a Boston terrier, or a Pug, maybe one of your dreams.

However, you need to have some knowledge and understanding of dogs before owning one.