Tips for Choosing A Comfortable and Safe Bassinet for Baby

The best feeling of becoming a mother comes with the love and care you bestow on your new one. Seeing your child smile with no reason and cry with reasons best known to you can change your whole world.

While cribs, bassinets & tiny furniture look cute and are functional for babies and small toddlers, they are also expensive and not very practical as kids will quickly outgrow them.

Therefore if you want to get the most out of your budget and your furniture, you’ll have to think long-term and make choices that will last for years.

However this does not mean that you should not look for the other aspects while buying the best bassinet for your baby. Below we mention some important tips that will help you choose the best while buying one…

Choose Simple Portable Design

Most of the bassinets for baby that comes in the market comes with a beautiful pillow set and mattress. If these are already present, just ensure that you do not add extra pillows and bedding to it. You may be tempted by the beautiful designs they have and may think that it will add comfort to the baby.

But hold on, this may add a risk factor for your baby and may lead to suffocation for them. If required you may just add thin washable sheets or covers that makes breathing easy for your baby.

Also make sure that you choose the bassinet that does not have too many frills like ruffles, stuffed toys, plastic characters, etc. In worst cases these may be removed by your baby and they may swallow them by mistake which can be hazardous to their health.

While choosing a bassinet for your baby also make sure that it is portable and can be carried at different places of your house without any hassle.

Choose The Safest and Right Size

While choosing a bassinet or just anything for your baby, your important consideration should be to look at their safety. You need to look for a model that is completely safe for them and satisfies all the safety standards of the industry.

We recommend checking Breathe-Thru Bassinet and Bassinet Mattress for your baby as it is completely safe for them and comes with all the best safety features which are specially designed for your baby. Some of these features are:

  • two innovative breathable sleep surfaces for bassinet and crib
  • comes with comfortable mattress along with head shaping pillows, swaddles, transition garments, pajamas, etc.
  • mattress conforms to baby’s body and is made of 3D mesh material to allow easy airflow even when your baby lays face down

Besides all these, the bassinet and mattress is tested to meet all the safety standards which makes it a completely safe product for your baby. You can also check more about the product here at

They have come up only for a goal to prevent any future accidents/deaths of infants due to suffocation while sleeping. And with their complete revolutionary Breathe-Thru™ Sleep System they can actually make this happen.

All they need is your support! So why not support them and help babies and parents sleep more soundly than ever before.