CINEMOOD Projector for Families: Experience the real feel of big screen

Today, kids are more addicted to smart phones and portable devices. Many new and improved technologies and techniques are launched for kids and families. Of the many, CINEMOOD is the latest device made for kids to meet their technology needs while making it easier for parents to control their addiction to technology. It is a Family Projector Kids that is preloaded with a rare set of favorite contents.

Families and kids can watch movies, TV shows and cartoon using this projector irrespective of where they are. You can use this advanced gadget both at home and outdoor environment, like showing movies and songs in a party ambiance.

The gadget measures 3.15″ x 3.15″ and is equipped with Wi-Fi that allows you update your content while on the go through mobile apps. You can connect the device to home cinema through Bluetooth and carry it anywhere as it is wireless.

Cinemood projector projects pictures of 80” X 60” and have a battery power of 2 hours for brilliant performance. Hence, you are enabled to watch animations, cartoons, listen to audio clips, songs and family photos as well. The gadget keeps all age groups entertained with its several features, both at home and outside.

You don’t need a particular screen or surface to watch the content. Use the ceiling, wall or a cinema tent to project your favorite content and enjoy a quality time with family. This Mini cinema projector for families does not drain your bank account.