Colouring Book to Protect Endangered Animals

The world isn’t what it used to be. Humans have been here for hundreds and thousands of years, but they have never been as destructive as they’re now. Whether it be climate change or killing of flora and fauna, there are plenty of animals that have either become extinct or become endangered.

Coloring Book

And one of the most important ways we can help protect them is to teach our children how important Mother Earth is. This project on Kickstarter helps do that. Created by Paul Burton, the project aims at publishing colouring books for all ages, named the ABC Colouring Book for Endangered Species. Adults can try their hands at the colouring book too, as the drawings are super fun.

The colouring book will be an oversized soft cover one, measuring around 12″ x 15”, with 28 big illustrations, for each letter of the English alphabet. Each alphabet will have a selection of an endangered, critically endangeredor vulnerable species that you could learn about. The animals will be then described in the pages. Paul has perforated the pages for easy removal, and is sure that the colouring book will regenerate renewed interest among many to protect wildlife.

Currently, the project on Kickstarter has around 14 backers, who have pledged around $55 each. Paul estimates that he can start shipping worldwide by March 2017. Backers can pledge as much as $10,000. Those who pledge can get First Edition Copies of the colouring book, along with PDF downloads of each animal and even posters and sticker sheets.

While you would be coming across a number of projects on Kickstarter that requires funding, this one promises to be different. The idea of a colouring book in itself is now a new one. However, the message that it can spread is a noble one and perhaps, can make that little more change necessary to help people realize how important it is to protect wildlife and nature.

You can support this project and join them at: