Combining Your Child’s Favorite Songs with the Movavi Video Editor

Like most children, yours probably has a few particular songs that he or she enjoys tremendously – whether it is a theme from their favorite show, or even something they heard on the radio. While you may already have individual versions of these songs, why not combine them into a single file – that way you can conveniently take all your child’s songs with you.


Generally speaking people tend to stay away from combining songs and music files because they feel it isn’t worth the trouble.

However if you’re using the Movavi Video Editor you’ll find that the process is so easy and straightforward that you’ll be done in a matter of minutes – if that. All it takes is:

  1. Add the songs that you want to combine by clicking ‘Add Media Files’ and selecting them.
  2. By default the songs that you added will then appear in the ‘Timeline’ and you can alter the sequence by simply dragging them around within it.
  3. Once you’re satisfied you can save your newly combined song by clicking ‘Export’ and selecting a format that you’d like to use.

That’s really all that you need to do to combine your child’s favorite songs. As you can see it is an extremely intuitive approach – which is exactly what the Movavi Video Editor emphasizes in all of its features. Whether you’re using it to enhance the quality of a video, insert special effects, add background music, or anything else – it has a comprehensive array of tools and each and every one of them is ever so easy to use.

When you’re combining your child’s favorite songs, one of the things that you may want to consider is whether you want to ‘trim’ any parts of the song out. For example you might have a fairly long song where your child is really only interested in the chorus – and if that’s the case you could trim out unwanted segments fairly easily with the Movavi Video Editor.

Also you could insert a ‘fade-in’ or ‘fade-out’ effect quite easily too.

Go ahead and experiment with the features of the Movavi Video Editor. As you’ll soon realize, it makes it easy to combine MP3 files and edit videos as required. If you’re willing to spend a few minutes with it, you’ll soon have a ton of new options that you can take advantage of.