Comfortable Bottoms for Mommies to Be

Getting pregnant means getting used to all the different changes that pregnancy brings with it. Beside all the hormonal and ‘inside’ changes you’ll have to deal with, there will also be a lot of ‘outside’ changes. Your body is going through a lot of different phases and it’s going to alter itself a lot. This means that you’ll have to get used to all the transformations and try and make yourself as comfortable as you can. We’ll try and list a couple of examples of what you can wear during this period, and to stay comfy and relaxed at the same time.

pregnant fashion


Sometimes, there is nothing more comfortably and handy than a good skirt. Beside the fact that they’re easy to get on and off, they are also very light to wear. They can come with different waistline options, just like maternity pants, so that means you can choose what you prefer. They come as low rise, drawstring and panels. Some of them come with an expandable elastic band so they can fit you during the whole pregnancy and after.

Full Panel Pants

This is one of the most common types of maternity pants. They have a high waist, usually with a stretchable panel that covers the whole stomach. The panel gives additional support and the cool thing is that they are a great choice even after the baby is born. Most of women recommend exactly this type, because of the expandable waist and the fact that they are the most comfortable option.


Although some women don’t like the idea of wearing jeans when pregnant, there are actually some great maternity types that could satisfy your needs. For example there are tons of comfortable maternity denim jeans by Mavi Jeans. So if you want to stay current with your denim, this is the best choice for you.

Maternity Leggings

Every new mom-to-be should have a couple of maternity leggings. These types of bottom wear that include leggings and yoga pants are a great choice. They are stretchy and comfortable and are a great solution for casual occasions, walks and some light exercises.

Demi Panel Pants

Like the previous one that fit over the belly, the demi panel pants are made to fit under the belly and sit low on the waist. That is why they are sometimes called ‘low rise pants’. The waist is also expandable, so it should fit as you grow, and they are made that way to prevent the pants from slipping down. Some of the women prefer these over the full panel pants, because they have sensitive stomachs and are used to low cut jeans.

The key to maternity clothing is to feel comfortable. These are some of the types that women most preferably wear while pregnant. So treat yourself, go on a shopping spree and find the kind that works best for you. Find something in what you will feel good and beautiful. Find something to go with that maternal glow!