Common Dental Problems During Pregnancy

Why is it that you need to take up dental appointments during pregnancy as if you are not already loaded with enough of it?

This is because the hormonal changes that spark up during the onset of pregnancy will lead to making your teeth and mouth extra sensitive to germs.

Shooting up of hormonal levels can bring about many dental complications and therefore pregnancy will leave your gums soaring, swelling and bleeding.

Dental Problems During Pregnancy

Some of the major dental problems encountered are given below. Have a look to help avoid some of them.

Pregnancy Gingivitis:

This very common dental problem affects about 50% of the total pregnant women.

One of the conspicuous symptoms is that the gums turn red, puffy and inflamed. Bleeding gums while brushing or flossing is a common sight for those who suffer from this dental condition.

One of the main microorganisms that cause this condition is the bacteria that grow between the gums and the teeth.

This is because the tiny morsels of food particles that seemed to be attached between gums and teeth happen to attract the bacteria. The inflammation of the gums is due to the increased blood supply level because of amplified levels of progesterone and estrogen.

Pregnancy Tumours on the gums:

The appearance of a soft painless lump that is pink, red or purple on the gums is otherwise known as pyogenic granulomas. It is caused by people who suffer from periodontal disease or pregnancy gingivitis.

There are also painful versions that may leave you unable to eat or speak properly. This tumor can be removed by a dentist if necessary. In order to avoid infection, keep the area surrounding the gums very clean.

Periodontal Disease:

This is a severe case of gum problem and is often referred to as ‘gum disease’ and will be formed when pregnancy gingivitis does not get treated on time.

This can cause the fibers and bones around the teeth to deteriorate and will fail to keep the tooth in place.

Tooth Loss:

According to a dentist who performs dental implants in Hungary, this problem can easily be averted when you can include plenty of milk and other dairy products in your diet because being pregnant allows your baby to absorb more than 50% of the calcium leaving you very deficient in it.

This may not be followed if contraindicated by the doctor.

Tooth decay and cavities:

This is primarily caused due to a lot of sweet consumption by pregnant women and can be avoided by gulping down a glass of water to wash off the residual sugar from your teeth.

If you are suffering from any such problems, you may visit your dental care provider and get the best help as soon as possible. This will help you save from any further trouble and will help you make life easier during pregnancy.