Common Types of Lingerie Fabric Found in a Bra

When it comes to bras, there is a myriad of fabric types that go into their creation. These different fabric types inform your decisions when choosing which bra you’ll wear for raking leaves versus which bra you’ll wear for a big date.

Getting to know lingerie fabric helps you pinpoint which types feel best to you or achieve the look you want in a bra.


Various types of lace are used to manufacture bras today. “Lace is a lightweight, openwork fabric, patterned with open holes in the work, made by machine or by hand.”

There is a vast amount of bra styles that employ lace in their design.

Much of today’s lace is machine-made; however the lace threads may be made from any number of different materials from cotton to synthetic thread.


“European lingerie is famous for this. Many designs are gorgeously stitched, from flower designs to eyelet designs.” (2) Embroidered styles are elegant and perfect for wearing when dressing for special occasions.



According to Dr. Canine’s satin bras may be tight fitting, but they are also soft and sumptuous. Satin bras to not employ padding and they tend to fit snuggly. For women who love the feel of soft fabric against their skin, satin is a great choice.

satinContouring Fabric

Many bras employ contouring to provide a seamless look in their design. Employing foam cups, these bras may or may not feature an underwire. Contouring fabric gives definition to the breasts and may also feature various amounts of padding.

Contouring FabricMesh

Mesh bras are tightly woven and typically sheer. Many women enjoy wearing mesh bras because they easily stretch and conform to the breasts and are comfortable to wear. Mesh bras also are airy and light, two qualities that make the fabric a popular choice today.

meshSheer Fabrics

Sheer bras are popular for their revealing nature. Sheer fabrics conform well to the breast and are well-known for their sexy styles. Sheer fabrics are available in a dazzling array of colors.

Sheer FabricsWhen next shopping for bras, consider their fabric when you make your selection. Many women own bras made with many types of fabric as they suit many different occasions.


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