Tips for Creating A Playroom On A Budget

Sometimes having a bedroom full of toys is a nightmare for parents – in fact it is somewhat common to find your children up playing, hours after they have been settled into bed.

If you have two (or more) children and two bedrooms, it can be a great idea to let them share until they are older and reserve the bedroom as an area strictly for sleeping or homework, and to turn the second bedroom into a play room of sorts where all their toys and games can be stored.

Otherwise, a spare room, conservatory or even a garage can make for great playroom spaces.

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Whilst there are no strict rules as to what you have to have in a playroom, there are a few things that can help keep your children and their friends happy in their own space.

1- Toys

Of course no children’s room would be complete without a great selection of toys! Head down to your local car boot sale and see what you can pick up for a discount, before you invest in a collection of new toys – then when your kids have grown out of them you can resell them too.

2- A Reading Nook

Whilst reading isn’t really deemed playing, nurturing your child’s imagination throughout their childhood is of paramount importance. Creating a reading corner or nook, with some bean bags, book shelves and good lighting could be all the encouragement your child needs to sit down and lose herself in a good book.

3- A Desk and Study Area

Creating a study area – even for a young child – is important. It not only provides and area to paint and play arts and crafts, but can also be used as part of many children’s games – transforming into a classroom, a kitchen table or even the bed at the doctors. Decorate the area with maps and other posters that offer age relevant study information.

4- Storage

Having adequate storage is extremely important if you want your child to keep their space clean and don’t want to walk into a room that looks like a bomb site 24/7. Think about investing in boxes, so different toys can be separated – without having to get everything out just to look for one thing. Creating a rule such as only one box at a time, could also help keep the playroom cleaner.

5- Board Games

Board games are a great way to keep your children entertained, playing with each other and a great way to teach them strategy. Having a good collection of quiet games that can be played on Sunday mornings when you’re having a lie in is perfect for keeping them happy and quiet (until someone loses anyway!) so you can enjoy a few extra minutes in bed!

6- Décor

Let your child or children decide on what colours they want the play room to be, let them choose posters for the walls and try to choose window coverings that complement the rest of the room.