Crisis Are The Part Of The Life- It All Depends On How You Transform It

As like the famous quote, “The smooth waters do not make good sailors”. Our lives especially women are found struggling with various different life problems – be it is a family, kids, work, social obligations and so on. Day in day out there are lots of such cases witnessed where women have gone through severe tough times and have emerged fighting hard and have made its way positively. Advanced life skills are needed to navigate these problems.

woman emotionWe often cry for our sorrows in the world and brag about them, but we never look around. If you look around – the people you see are battling some or the other problems and tensions in their life. Some very serious whereas some are just artificially popped up.

Maybe you are going through some tough times of your life or grieving another kinds of loss such as death, failed marriage, problems in getting pregnant, no job stability, losing a friend etc. But when you work towards it positively to overcome the difficult experiences in your life you start to heal.

Learning The Life Skills

You need to understand this thing first that, there are always good times and bad times and none of them are going to stick with your forever. Sometime finding the good in the difficult situation can be quiet challenging. In the face of sinking economy and mounting demands, there are lot many things that women are coping today. Juggling day to day activities with kids and other household activities takes the toll on health.  We all are blessed in our lives, no matter us what we are and regardless what we are going through.  You can practically transform your lives by training your mind and soul  to discover good things in it, and focus on legitimate reasons to feel appreciative. That is when the focus comes to our rescue.

Life Crisis And Transformations

We all at some point of time have gone through some or the other small-big crisis in the life. Some of us take it positively and fight and that is the reason they are successful women today, whereas some are experiencing severe depression and other health problems tagging along with. Life crisis is an unfortunate label applied to those who are working through their transitional times of their lives. When you get through your crisis phase you are into healing environment and this not only helps you to nurture your inner-self but also guide others with your transformation process.

  • With the life threatening crisis, it requires positive thinking like:
  • It is time for a change
  • It is the time to experiment with new perspectives
  • The time to simplify
  • Reveal the mechanism by which anxieties, fear, crisis can be addressed
  • Train yourself to notice the good
  • Choose the direction to focus

Here are some really helpful suggestions to help you develop insight about your difficulties:

  • How I have been keeping day after day when there seems no hope?
  • How is it that things are not so worse?
  • How did I manage to get up this morning?
  • How come I have not given up yet? What held me back from completely giving up?
  • How did you learn to cope with such an awful situation all by yourself?

Also there are several positive transformation resources on the web, audio books, paper backs that will help you to find your way from your life crisis. Talking about these powerful positive resources “The Cocoon Effect: Transforming Hard Times into the Opportunity Of A Life Time” is a great paperback book by RetoSchabron. It is a great book by the author who has shown how women should have that fire in her to fight back the problems no matter how tough they are.

The book helps you to know yourself and guide you on how to overcome from grief to gratitude. The book is amazing in letting you know your trueself. It has several lessons shown as examples from various aspects of life that will help you thrive. The author has shown her hard work by letting you know that there is a life and a happy life if you make through. The real transformation only comes when you want it- not just you are looking at it.

The book is widely available at various stores as well as you can order it online at Amazon. It is also put up for you on several shopping portals.