Cute Baby Bouquets and Gift Ideas for New Moms

Baby bouquets, the most beautiful gifts for moms-to-be are often given in baby showers to enjoy.

Unlike traditional bouquets, these attractive pieces of floral arrangement are exclusively made for baby parties and so, include real baby items. Ideas for baby shower bouquets are available in large amounts and each ones can be used and enjoyed by all.

Balloon baby bouquet is one of the ideas that should be shaped like a pacifier or rattle. You can use a stuffed toy to tie all the balloons and attach them with ribbons.

Now, it will look like a beautiful bouquet! Another idea is feeding bottle bouquet. You have to set many feeding bottles and press them together using a clump to group it.

BouquetsNow it will look like a vase. Then use a cardboard piece to attach under the vase using a double-sided tape. You can even make bouquet of mittens and socks as they are most preferred items of most moms-to-be.

You can make such bouquets by rolling the mittens or socks into rose shape and affix them to the base of silk flower or by a craft stick.

Then punch them to the center of the floral arrangement. Also, try out arranging the vase to reflect a natural bouquet.

Another beautiful idea for baby bouquets is lollipop bouquet. Get many baby washrags and roll it to the shape of a lollipop. Punch a craft stick in the middle and use colored cellophane to cover. Fold it over the base of craft stick and put some ribbons.

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