Decorating a Nursery

The big day is almost here and you’re about to welcome home your first baby. This is such an exciting time. It’s also a time of lots of preparation, anxiety and anticipation about all the changes that are about to happen in your life. One of the biggest items new mothers focus on is outfitting of the nursery.

Decorating a Nursery

This is a good choice – it’s productive, inspiring and fulfils that need that so many expectant mother have – to nest and nurture! Follow these simple tips and you’ll be on your way to outfitting a nursery that will last for years, (and potentially) more babies to come.

Begin by selecting furniture for the nursery. Be mindful of accepting the generous gift of either an antique crib or one that was used when you were a child as safety regulations for cribs have changed substantially over the last ten years. A changing table that doubles as a dresser is the next piece that will be used several times a day.

Also consider a comfortable chair for nursing, late night feeding and those precious snuggling moments when your baby comes home. If you don’t know the gender of your child, there are endless color schemes and decorating themes that are appropriate for both baby girls and baby boys. If you’re fortunate enough to know how to sew or have a friend to help, you’ll have lots of options of fabric selections.

Consider fabrics for crib bumpers, quilts and shades. Joann fabrics has a wonderful selection of soft, nursery fabrics and very helpful staff to help you plan and purchase the correct quantities of fabrics and appropriate notions. Also consider blackout shades to make nap time and early bedtimes easier.

Last, finishing touches that you and your baby will appreciate down the road are a soft carpet or rug for play time as well as a small collection of soft, plush toys. Remember, when decorating and furnishing a nursery, less is more. It’s easy to overwhelm a young child.

Congratulations on a job well done. Enjoy your lovely nursery and cherish the time with your new baby as they will be young adults in the blink of an eye.