Designer sarees and types

The saree is one of the main traditional wear of India and Indian women. The word saree is derived from the prakrit word sattika. The saree tradition is originated in India mainly in the southern part of India.

types of sarees

Presently in the world dress collections the saree plays a major part and gained high popularity among the people as the symbol of Indian culture and heritage. Even it attracted the people of other countries towards it thus the saree export gained much higher level nowadays.

The saree is a versatile dress which still contains so many debates regarding its dress sense like so many people comments it as the sexiest outfit in the world.

But when wear perfectly as per the traditional method the saree is one of the best and stylish as well as respectable outfit.
The sarees are of different varieties depending upon the area of production, material used, designs it holds, etc.

Some of the main types of sarees are as follows:

1. Kanchipuramsarees
2. Banaras sarees
3. Bollywood sarees
4. Silk Sarees
5. Designer saree
6. Party sarees, etc

Normally the length of the saree ranges from 5 yards to 9.5 yards depending on the style of wearing. Normally the most famous sarees in the country like Kanchipuram and Banaras sarees avails longer than the usual sarees.

Whatever the region it may be the sarees are the stable wear in India. Even each region has its own traditional dress like Patiala for the Punjabis, lehengas for the gujrathis, lehenga for the marwaris, etc the saree is the unique dress code of Indian women most of the times.

Mostly the sarees were made of cotton, silk, wool, etc. even certain sarees were totally composed of decorations with embroidery designs and glittering. One among such saree type is the bollywood sarees and the designer sarees which are mainly meant as the party wears which appears bright, colorful and attractive in appearance.

Whatever the saree color, design, material made of and the model, the main thing which shows the particular saree in high look is the way you are wearing it. If you know the tactic in wearing sarees then any saree will suit you perfectly. This will arise when you are wearing sarees regularly.