Different types of Scuba fins for scuba shoppers

Scuba fins are designed for underwater propulsion that allows scuba drivers to quickly travel the water line efficiently and adjust the poor propelling power of the human feet.

scuba fin

Fins for scuba are available in a variety of sizes and designs however, scuba drivers are suggested to choose the one that suit his needs, personal preferences and level of comfort. Here we discuss about the popular scuba fins meant for scuba drivers:

Paddle Fins

This type has been designed as an extension of human feet. A pair of paddle fins increases efficiency in the propelling motion and hence, reducing the driver’s kicking effort to a great extent. These are available in different sizes and shapes, with heel straps and covering for the entire foot. Paddle fins are ideal for not only scuba diving but for snorkeling activities as well.

Force Fins

Force fins are actually a mini-paddle fin, generating an equal amount of propelling power of normal paddle fin. They are designed keeping lifeguards and scuba drivers in mind. They are light weight and come in comfortable set of fins.

The only drawback of this scuba gear is that they are hard to use underwater, especially for novice driver. Anyway, if you look for efficient set of fin, then this is the perfect type.

Split Fins

Split fins resemble the design of paddle fins with each fin separated into two. However, they offer enhanced propulsion than paddle fins, with the fins designed to work like a propeller.

Scuba drivers are allowed to cover more distances with the same level of propelling power expanded. If you are a hard-core scuba driver or snorkeler, then a pair of split find can suit your needs perfectly.

To conclude, choose the most suitable of these scuba fins after considering your needs and personal preferences.