Experience a memorable wedding night with global wedding traditions

Each and every person knows that the global wedding traditions are different in each and every country and community. It also varies from religion to religion. He reason behind this varied tradition is the opinion, beliefs and ancestral practices.

wedding traditions

The interesting thing about the wedding customs is that that just like the wedding ritual, the wedding night rituals are also different for each and every community and country.

Wedding night rituals though add up a fun element to the busy day left behind and hence it becomes memorable for the friends, family and the bride and the groom as well.

American follows a runaway honeymoon ritual as they believe that the friends and family would not be able to disturb the couple if they are unaware of their honeymoon destination. The bride and the groom runs away in a car that is covered by tins without letting their friends and family know about their destination.

Gaelic’s follow the tradition of messing up the first night of the newly wedded couple by making noise outside their barn and putting various alarm clocks in to their room. They even peep in to the barn and spend the whole night drinking outside.

The Romans are expected to carry their bride in to the home as they believe that it is a bad fortune if the bride stumbles while entering the newlywed’s house for the first time after wedding. Hence, the global wedding traditions has its own meaning in each and every country and community.