Fashion Tips for Short Heighted Women

Do you feel annoyed when your short height does not permit you to wear fantastic outfits and fashion latest trends? 

If yes, then you must explore this article written below. It guides you over some smart clothing tips that project you to appear taller.

You will feel amazed to know that in addition to wearing heels, you can try a number of tricks that can make you look taller than what you really are.

Some such useful tips are mentioned below!

Choose the right trousers, dresses, skirts, and footwear

Shorter women should avoid wearing hipsters and other low hip styles. Wear outfits having a higher waistline as they make your legs look longer than they really are.

Try choosing the dresses that have vertical stripes. Wearing the dress that has stripes going straight up and down can instantly help you look taller.

Whereas if you choose horizontal stripes it makes you look wider. Choosing v-necklines and dresses with hemlines that reach the top of the knee or higher are few other fashion tips that may help petite women look taller as well.

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You can use them for play, yoga, self-reflection, jumping up and down, free-living and intense chilling. The best thing is that these items look great on you no matter what height you are.

Say big ‘no-no’ to flared and short pants. To look taller, try wearing pants that cover your shoes. Single straight pants look attractive. Avoid wearing capris as they look good only on tall people. Capris break a person’s height and shorten them in appearance.

Do not wear miniskirts or any other type of mini dresses as they look good only if they have long legs. Don’t go for dresses that end at your calves. You can wear maxi dresses covering your legs properly with high heels to look taller.

Today you can find very stylish, colorful boots and sneakers for you in the market and at online stores. However, according to my personal recommendation, a lusty pair of high heel boot will just be the right one to get along with a fresh and crisp pair of jeans.

Try monochromatic colors and use customization

Shorter women should go for clothes in one color rather than those with two different shades. Keep in mind that different colored top and bottom cut the body in half and make you look like a shorter person.

Also, avoid wearing dark and light color clothes together as they too depict the same result. Wearing monochromatic dresses that come in a single shade or different shades of the same color, you can look a lot taller. Darker the color of the outfit, the taller you look. Darker colors also make you look leaner.

You can find a variety of fashion dresses that will create different images for you such as cool, chic, cute, sassy, etc. Whether you are going on a date or just another day at the workplace, fill up your wardrobe with a variety of fashionable dresses to heat up your style.

Customized dresses like T-shirts for youths are getting much trendy these days due to the range of different options available. The best thing is you can actually design your own custom t-shirts that suits your personality and height.

Women who are more interested to look stylish should give importance to designer clothing that is customized according to their needs. Tailoring and fit of your stylish clothing must also be taken into account if one desires to achieve the perfect style statement.

Style up Your hairs and choose your accessories wisely

Styling the hairs in a proper way for petite women is very much important so that they look taller. This is due to the fact that your hairstyle looks can actually alter the illusion of height and can make you appear taller.

According to most of the fashion designers and experts, shorter hair will make your face look longer (along with your body) in most of the cases.

Having your hair up can also help a lot to make you look taller. On the other hand, if you try long hairs your face looks rounder and shorter making your overall look shorter.

Accessories like your bags, belts and more can also help make you look shorter or taller. Wearing anything large or big will only make you smaller.

So it is best to avoid large sized bags and wider belts that make you look even smaller. Instead, you can use a small shoulder bag or at most a mid-sized purse when you are out for shopping.