Festive Food Gifts

Surprise the people you love with a basket of foods and treats for Christmas along with a little love included in the gift. You’ll need to get a basket that’s large enough and sturdy enough to hold all of the items that you put inside.

Try to include a few things that you know the person could use as well as a few items that the person might enjoy that they usually don’t have, such as candies or coffees.

Christmas morning food gift baskets are delightful to make and receive. Include a few cookies or treats that the children can enjoy while they are opening their presents.

A box of pancake or muffin mix and a bottle or two of syrup would make a lovely basket to give so that the family can fix breakfast on Christmas morning. You can also include new mugs for everyone in the family.

Another idea for a basket is to make one for hot chocolate treats. Include a few mugs or cups with lids on them. Start with the hot chocolate.

Consider spending a little more money to get the best hot chocolate possible, such as the kind that you might get at a cafe. Include a small bag of marshmallows and candy cane pieces that can be put in the beverage.

Cinnamon sticks are an option as well. A baking basked is a nice gift for someone who likes to make everything from cookies to cakes. Include a few different mixes in the basket as well as cookie cutters, a spatula, and a few tools needed to bake away.

A fun sugar cookie idea for a basket would be to include sugar cookie mix and clear ornaments that are filled with sugar crystals of a variety of colors. Other basket ideas include the ingredients to make soup or a nice pasta dinner.