Finding out about colic in babies in detail

Managing a baby who is cranky most of the time is something which is big challenge. It becomes extremely challenging for the parents to manage those babies who begin crying at the middle of night. Simply soothing such child with milk and toys is not going to help at all. Doctor may tell you that you baby is colicky and then you may wonder “What is colic in babies?”

colic in babiesTo be precise, colic is something that is bit mistrial. The term is directly related those babies who are well-fed and yet cry for more than 3 hours in a day since a week or month.

Following points may help you to know about what colic in babies is:

  • Colic generally begins when the baby gets around 2weeks old. It generally affects the premature babies.
  • The ailments gets eradicated soon its own after 3-4months
  • Kids that have been suffering with colic are same as the ones who have never experienced the symptoms of these ailments.

Reasons behind catching of colic

The exact cause why colic happens in children is yet to be found out. However certain theories that have been believed to cause it include:

  • Stomach problems occurring because of cow`s milk or lactose present in certain baby formulas
  • Growing digestive system that often leads to spasms
  • Heartburning because of milk and acid flowing back within the windpipe
  • Hormonal causes
  • Developing nervous system
  • Mood of the baby
  • Over stimulated noise or light

If you are actually concerned then make sure that the baby gets properly diagnosed so that the exact reason behind his bad mood and fussiness can be sorted out. There can be various reasons behind the irritability of the baby. You must consider them with the help of an expert physician.

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