Fruit Salads for Mothers to Be: Tips for Pregnant Ladies

It is a well known fact that soon to be moms should pay grave attention to what they eat so they would be sure that their baby is developing properly.

In order to maintain both your health and the health of your baby, it is important to stick to a balanced diet comprised of all the essential nutrients needed for functional growth.

Fruit salad

Of course, certain foods, such as fruits, are fountains of vitamins, minerals and healthy compounds that can greatly aid new mommies during pregnancy.

The next time you visit your local farmers market, make sure to pick some of these fruits:

Folic Acid Fruit Salads

Folic Acid, or sometimes referred to as vitamin M plays a major role in the development of the fetus and can also reduce risks of possible birth defects.

It is also recommended to consume foods rich in this compound not only during pregnancy but before conceiving as well.

A recommended dose is about 400 micrograms per day and you can easily implement this in your diet by eating avocados, oranges, pineapples and papayas.

Potassium Fruit Salads

This mineral which is mostly found in bananas, cherries, peaches and grapes is known to help women with many health issues they experience while pregnant.

For instance, potassium is known to be quite effective in maintaining fluid and electrolyte balance in the body cells, which can greatly help with relieving cramps and other similar issues.

Also, mixing up a fresh fruit salad from potassium rich foods you are releasing energy from protein, fat and carbohydrates and helping in sending nerve impulses.

Vitamin C Fruit Salads

We are all aware that vitamin C has many health benefits as it boosts our immune system, repairs tissues, promotes bone growth, heals wounds and generally aids the organism function properly.

During pregnancy, it is recommended for women to take a suitable dose of fresh vitamin C as it helps with iron absorption, helps with fatigue, dizziness and similar symptoms.

Fortunately you can find this vitamin in many fruits like citrus fruits, melons, strawberries and cantaloupes.

Of course, the dosage of any fruit or food depends on your overall height, weight and also the semester you are in.

Fibre Fruit Salads

Fibre rich foods are known to aid with the digestion system, increase bowel movement and can greatly benefit those who struggle with these kinds of issues. During pregnancy, many women experience constipation, irregular stools or similar digestive issues.

Eating foods which are rich in fibre can help regulate these problems, help maintain regular bowel movement and also reduce risk of developing haemorrhoids. Some of the fruits with high fibre levels are definitely apples and pears, but also bananas, kiwi and oranges.

Overall, we can say that all mommies want only the best for their little ones.

This is why it is important to carefully pick out your groceries and make sure you are getting adequate amount of vitamins and essential nutrients so you and your baby could grow healthy.

With these few tricks you will surely have no issues controlling your pregnancy.

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