Fun Magnets For Kids: Things You Should Know About

The baby magnets are widely floating in the market with peculiar designs and patterns. Children are developing a special affection for these magnets as these let them learn and play at the same time. Just like any other magnet, baby magnets are made up of aluminum, cobalt, nickel and iron.


The same poles of these magnets when kept together tend to repel whereas opposite poles attract each other. The little players just get anxious to know that why these magnets are being repelled by each other so much. They try to exercise their brain and play with the magnets with enhanced anxiousness.

Talking about the availability of children magnets, they can be easily bought from various online shopping stores like Amazon. They are quite strong in nature and pull iron and steel commodities towards them.

The highly magnetic poles can be put over the refrigerators for asking them look attractive and kinky. They can also withheld small paper notes and reminders which again helps the working mums and school going children to remember important stuff.

Some of the baby magnets lose their magnetism on being electrically treated. While there are others which remain constant with their features no matter what. The soft magnets do not retain their powers and are also called “temporary magnets”. The ones which are permanent with their magnetism are called “permanent magnets”. Both these varieties are available at leading online stores at substantial discounts.

The most common amongst kids magnet is the horse shoes shaped magnet and the bar magnet. Both these have south and north poles at their respective ends.

The horse shoe magnet is bent and is U-shaped.  On the other hand the bar magnet is rectangular in shape with north and South Pole at each end.  Besides regular magnets for kids, electromagnetics are also available in the market that produce magnetic fields specifically when electric current passes through them.