How to Get Beautiful Hands at Home?

Hands are always the first thing people use for any activity, hence it is important to keep them beautiful.

However, keeping them beautiful is not as easy as they are the most exposed body part too. As they possess subcutaneous fatty tissue, they are sensitive and need sufficient care.

Hand massage

  1. Wash your hands, pat them dry and use a mild cream.
  2. Massage your palms in a circular way with your thumb.
  3. Then do that behind your hand between the fingers with your thumb.
  4. Stretch your fingers fully and then relax them. Do this several times.
  5. With one hand stroke every finger of the other hand.

Using Hands On is one of the best and easiest ways by which you can massage your hands better to keep them look younger. With the power of infrared lights, it helps in activating your skin’s healthy cells.

Believe me, massaging your hands can make a significant difference and you will going to Love your hands, at any age by trying the systems like Hands On.

Protecting your hands

Things like how to wash your hands and dry them, when to apply creams and what water temperature to opt for are important.

  1. Harsh soaps cast an impact on your skin. Hence, you should go for a gentler soap with a pH-neutral level. You can also opt for a natural cleansing soap.
  2. Don’t wash your hands with water which is too hot or cold as they dry your skin and lead to cracking. Make sure you pat dry your hands after every wash.
  3. Use a little moisturizer after washing your hands every time. Ensure, you rub the cream on your cuticles.
  4. You can also use some olive oil with 2 drops of lavender oil to make your hands glow naturally.
  5. When washing utensils or doing housework, use gloves to protect your hands from harsh chemicals.

Wipeout all spots and bad odor

Your hands are completely at work and on display. Follow the tips given below to keep them clean and fragranced.

  1. You can clean the nicotine spots by rubbing lemon juice.
  2. Some a little olive oil and sugar to get rid of age spots.
  3. Rub your hands with salt or coffee to get rid of foul smell.
  4. If cutting onion or garlic, wear gloves as it doesn’t let your hands absorb the smell.
  5. Rub vinegar before cutting fruits or veggies to avoid developing spots.

With these tips, hopefully, you can keep your hands beautiful forever.