Highly affordable white gold wedding rings

When gold is alloyed with at least one of the white metals like nickel, palladium or magnesium, the resulting alloy is White gold. “White gold” usually refers to prescribe the karat gold alloy, displaying whitish hue.

 Diamond RingIn the jewellery industry, the combination of gold, palladium and silver or gold, nickel, copper and zinc are used.

The nickel content in white gold wedding rings may cause contact allergy to some people, causing minor skin rashes, etc., when they wear the jewellery for long periods.

Gold-palladium alloy, being soft and pliable, is good for making white gold for gemstone settings. In many cases, other metals like copper, platinum and silver are mixed to ensure durability and weight.

Usually, rhodium plating is done to improve the off-white colors like pale yellow/ rose and tinted brown and display sheen.

 The jewellery market is flooded with varieties of modern traditional and vintage styles and charming designs of white gold wedding rings to suit every need of the individuals.

In an unfortunate event of being unable to source a perfect one to fit into your requirements, you may always go in for custom designed white gold wedding rings, where you may even think of some artistic handwork, done on them.

 White gold wedding rings are available from as low as 9 ct, displaying the same luster and shine similar to platinum. They will show the same brightness and beauty even after years. Budget prices also will be within reach.

However, 17/ 18 ct white gold ring is said to be better. Palladium rings are considered great alternatives to platinum. There are various white gold wedding rings with cubic zirconia, diamond, etc., sets, for men, for his and hers and below a particular price (say, low cost) to choose from.

You may select your desired design either in the jewellery shops (Palaces! or Paradises!!) or even through online.