Homemade Dog Kibble: Now a Healthy Option

California scientists have found that homemade dog kibble is a healthy option – and it’s so good, they’re digging in themselves! Don’t believe us? Read on.

Groundbreaking Research

Cal Poly Pomona recently found that homemade dog food recipes are safe alternatives to packaged products. While at DOG for DOG, we’ve known this all along, it can be hard to convince the general public, especially with all the conflicting data that’s been published on the subject.


The research team states that the ingredients in the recipes they tested were made from “the same [food] you would use in your own kitchen.” So anybody can Martha Stewart these delicacies. But before you scurry to your “Kiss the Cook” apron and concoct your own homemade dog kibble, read on to learn more about how to make homemade dog kibble as quickly and easily as possible!

And while you might not find yourself digging into your dog’s favorite dinner (or, who knows, maybe you’ll get hooked?), Dr. BrocSandelin did. The PhD from Cal Poly’s Animal and Veterinary Sciences Department not only eats dog food – on live TV – but also spent a year researching the stuff. Needless to say, this guy knows what he’s talking about. And his studies are groundbreaking – the first of their kind to be performed at a major university.

Or Just Buy From Our Kitchen

Many of us have a hard enough time cooking for ourselves day after day, so we don’t blame you for seeking out something more convenient for your dog. Of course, that doesn’t mean grabbing generic dog food with questionable ingredients from your local convenience store. Instead, get instant nutrition from DOG for DOG’s kitchen.

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